for some one we love is something that we can all do

When our final days come, most of aren’t sure what to expect. Throughout our lives most of us postpone getting to grips with this issue. But if at this stage whilst we are fit, we can acquire best understanding of just what happens as the death  process unfolds, this will lessen our worries. And if we’ve explored the options, well ahead of time, we will feel more empowered as we die to request and receive the best care possible for our body, mind and spirit.

You may be browsing this site to find out what a good death is, or, perhaps you are a partner, lover, brother or sister, or friend of someone who has just learned that their life will soon be ending.

Creating a good death for someone is something that we can all's all about  helping someone to die peacefully once medicine has reached its limits and when human touch can become greater help than hard-edged medicine. We can do this  by using  therapeutic touch, therapeutic sound, simple breathing techniques as well as meditation and a host of  other simple but safe methods to help not only those close to death but also those who are caring for them.

Helping someone to achieve a good death is also about taking into account spiritual and psychological  and being a good companion to someone who is dying. Understanding what happens in the last stages of life is in many ways a vital part of helping someone towards a peaceful death. Pregnant women are encouraged to make birth plans stating their wishes before going into labour. You can do the same at the end of life, ensuring that it’s as good as an experience as you’d wish it to be.

Giving love and time to someone who is nearing the end of their life will bring un-told miracles including

  • Helping them to die with peace and dignity
  • Helping them to  dissolve fears and  feel safe
  • Ensuring that dying is a sacred rite of passage and that their life has been  worthwhile
  • Ensuring that they have felt loved and supported right up until their very last breath

The love and care that we can give at the end of life are amongst the most precious gifts that we can ever share with  one another .