Bright lights, loud noise, machines whirring, phones ringing- many people die amindst the commotion of a busy hospital ward

A modern death often means being cared for by strangers in an unfamiliar place, away from home, where the emphasis is on preventing death rather than embracing it in a compassionate way

But, if the truth is.....that the time has come, and that death is inevitable, for whatever reason, we can accept that medicine has reached its limits

Gentle dying is all about switching the focus from cure and medication by giving tender loving care with a very human touch

If we are privileged to sit at the bedside of someone who is dying, there are lots of things we can do to ease their passage

It may be simply sitting there,with a calm mind and an open heart, stroking a forehead, reading aloud or singing

Dying is an intimate and sacred process. It's best done in its own time, in a tranquil and peaceful way and should at best be a final honouring of a life well lived

The Gentle Dying method uses a range of safe and effective techniques and it can be learnt by anybody in a day.

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opening the heart to living and dying